On-board Traction Type Drilling Rig Manufacturer

- Oct 28, 2019-

Binzhou traction type drilling rig need to periodically check the hydraulic oil: check the hydraulic oil pollution and aging degree (to adopt the method of comparing with the new oil). If found color dark, cloudy, stink (aging), or obvious turbidity ivory (with water), it shall all be replaced. To start the continuous work before or after a period of time, should pay attention to check the oil temperature. Usually oil temperature under 10 ℃ when, must carry on the empty load operation to improve the oil temperature, over 55 ℃ should use the cooler. Guide drill before add lubricating oil: body guide rail surface should be in before every drill add lubricant, on-board traction type drill gripper slide often filling lubricating oil. Low (less than lMPa) cooler must use clean water, it is prohibited to high pressure water and sewage into the cooler; When using mud, often should wash the gaps between the chuck four slip.

Water well drilling is influenced by the weather is more serious, especially in cold winter, low temperature increased the difficulty of the drilling work, then use the drill in low temperature environment need to pay attention to what issues? Drill is supported to take advantage of the triangle, to guarantee support is firm and reliable, construction personnel regularly check the support part, found hidden danger in time. On-board traction type drill under the condition of the low temperature must be carefully monitoring reliability. Claim to the site, site to level off, the road to clear; Because in the low temperature environment, the land will become stiff, so make sure this point. Pay attention to fire prevention, fire fighting equipment configuration is reasonable, conform to the requirements of the fire. Also cannot ignore the fire protection problems in low temperature environment, due to the low temperature, heat preservation measures of employees to do, so as to guarantee the drilling workers to be able to maintain good working condition. Traction type drilling rig manufacturer with low temperature for water well drilling rig work will bring certain influence, water well drilling rig manufacturer to remind everybody, pay attention to the insulation, pay attention to safety. That is water well drilling in low temperature work note, hope to be of help.

Have many friends mentioned the collocation of drill pipe and drill problems, there are friends think as long as the drill pipe and drill can connect on can use, have a friend that there is a regular. , then, between drill pipe and drill on-board traction type drill is how to match the use? Small make up to talk about personal point of view. In selection of drill pipe, small make up have to say, qianjiang mechanical drill pipe produced products are mainly used in coal mine, mine, construction and water conservancy project, railway highway, tunnel bridge industry such as drilling, mining, anchor. In coal mines is mainly used for ground water of coal mine, ground gas, lean coal, coal thickness, coal seam water injection, etc. And the diameter of the various traction type drilling rig manufacturer, application field is different. So small make up recommend friends when selecting a tool to "accordingly".