Physical Mechanical Composition Of Well Drilling Rigs

- May 28, 2019-

1, well drilling rig hydraulic pump: for the double type, large displacement pump to provide power head strength, four-legged small displacement pump cylinder, lifting mast cylinder, push / extract the lifting wheel cylinder to provide power.

2, four legs: small drilling equipment is made up of a hydraulic cylinder and a fixed frame.The body can be adjusted at the site level to support and stabilize the body's role.

3, well drilling rig giant steel pipe mast: frame structure, groove steel and angle steel welding combination, and the internal groove slot on both sides of the channel under the track power head, vertical degree assurance.The mast landing is completed by the hydraulic cylinder.

4, well drilling rig power head: the body of the gearbox, a core shaft has a large hole in the middle shaft of the low-speed shaft, the upper core can be connected with a hose interface concrete pouring equipment, pouring concrete; The high-speed shaft is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.