Sticking Of Drilling Equipment Solutions

- Nov 19, 2019-

Fully hydraulic drill fixed methods generally have anchor, foundation, the pressure peak column three methods. Beijing fixed before drilling equipment, supporting conditions of construction site inspection, clean up the scene and keep the floor flat, keep clear of posterior, keep the ventilation, drainage, power supply, water supply, air supply complete system in good condition, such as determining drilling open about height and position, drilling parameters, such as location, Angle, then determine the drill fixed position and fixed. When using anchor to tracing the base amount of anchor hole size position accurately, and then anchor eyes, installation bolt, bolt with full screw anchor rod anchor, no less than 22 mm in diameter, length is not less than 1500, and then lift the drill, make the base of anchor bolt holes are aligned, slow down. Each bolt using two nut and tighten. Using foundation, foundation depth of not less than 1500 mm, length width according to the size of rig substructure, pouring concrete embedded anchor bolts or anchor hole size according to the base, then lift the drill rig, drilling equipment manufacturer to make the base of anchor bolt holes are aligned or bolt, slow down, each anchor bolts or use two nut and tighten.

Drilling equipment used in soft soil, easy adherent dirt track and track link, so the crawler to adjust a bit loose some, in order to prevent due to soil adhesion on the abnormal stress on the track link. In construction sites all over the pebbles, caterpillar also asked a bit loose some, so, when walking on the pebble, can avoid crawler plate bending. Strong and flat on the ground, turn the treads a bit tight. Crawler tensioning degree adjustment: if the crawler too tight, walking speed and walking power decline phenomenon. This will not only led to a decline in the efficiency, but due to the large pin and bushing was imposed on the friction caused by abnormal wear and tear. On the contrary, if the crawler too loose, caterpillar loosely draped over the driving wheel and sprocket, wear or damage. And drilling equipment factory house hang loose track is too large, the possible contact with the rack and rack. In this way, even if is to strengthen the lower part of the body, if not properly adjusted, can also lead to accidental failures occur. When rotating drill construction also notice to reduce wear and tear. Sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, these are all easy to wear and tear parts, but, according to the implementation of the daily inspection or not, there will be a big difference in degree.

Oil drilling equipment sticking solution: sticking although is the captain shun, but once met and don't panic, as the saying goes, "better who tied the bell on the", want to smooth solution CARDS to understand common drilling conditions. Sticking was introduced in front of a few main reason, this article on how to solve the problem of the drill card for details. In addressing the problem of sticking in addition to don't panic, another root can't blindly dry, wrong operation not only can make the diamond bit drilling tools out of stuck, or make the tool produces irreversible damage, causing the late card solution steps of the implementation of more suffering. First met in Beijing drilling equipment sticking or is unable to solve the problem of sticking, timely ask old captain predecessors or consulting experience rig manufacturers, in the sum up experience, to solve sticking after try to independently complete solution card operation next time.