The Installation Order Of Drilling Rigs

- Jun 01, 2019-

First, the order of dismantling

1, the component decomposition in the following order: rotary, recletor, transmission, power machine, other

2, the installation of the order and decomposition of the opposite.

Second, the installation and removal of precautions

1, parts removal, should first remove the positioning pin and then carry out other removal work, and the installation should be in the position of alignment, first installed positioning pin, and then installed other parts;

2, oil pipe removal must protect the connector;

3, the oil pipe fittings should minimize the number of removals, so as not to cause oil leakage phenomenon;

4, when removing and installing prohibit hard strike castings, strike other accessories, should be padded on wooden blocks or copper blocks;

5, before installation, parts must be cleaned with kerosene, clean and coated with sufficient lubricant (or grease);

6, damaged or worn parts must be replaced; 7, in the removal or replacement of the umbrella gear, must accurately adjust the meshing gap of the umbrella gear and check the contact spots of the umbrella gear, along the tooth height and tooth length are not less than 40%, and then fill in the appropriate amount of grease