The Knowledge Of The Rig

- Nov 07, 2019-

Rotary water well drilling rig, it relies mainly on the rotary motion and broken rock and pore forming tool. There are mainly five kinds of cone: (1) the pan. Using the pan tapered drill rotating cutting soil. Shanghai rotary drill according to the size of the drill respectively according to large and small pot cone, cone can be driven by human or power. (2) circulating mud flushing disc drill. The tower, hoist, rotary table and drilling tools, mud pump, faucet and motor, etc. Homework, engine through the transmission device driven turntable, bit rotates by active drill pipe broken rock. Have a positive, two circular manner. (3) pneumatic rotating disc drill wash well. On the wheel rotary drilling rig with air compressor instead of mud pump, the use of compressed air instead of mud to wash well. (4) hydraulic power head drill. Prospecting rotary drill driven by hydraulic motor through the gear reducer, and to move up and down the tower of power head instead of rotating disc on the rig rotary table and faucet, drive drill pipe and drill rotating cutting rock. To drill large diameter water well. (5) the DTH vibration of rotary drill rig. With the combination of vibration and rotary motion way into layers. Drill by bit, vibrator, damping device and the guide cylinder, etc.

1, the hydraulic oil pump: for duplex, big displacement pump to provide power for power head, small displacement pump for four support oil cylinder, cylinder and mast, strength/block cylinder power to ascend. Four leg: Shanghai rotary drill consists of a hydraulic oil cylinder and a fixed frame. Can adjust the levelness of the body at the scene of the work, have the effect of support and stability of the body. Mast: for giant steel tube, channel steel and Angle steel frame structure of the combination of welding, powered by on both sides of the channel steel inner tank under the head's orbit, to ensure that the borehole verticality. Drilling mast rises and performed by hydraulic cylinder. Head: adopt gear reducer, the low speed shaft middle there is a big hole of spindle, the spindle of a flowing can be connected to the hose interface of concrete filling equipment, concrete perfusion; The core shaft mouth through drill pipe, drill bit flange connection. High speed shaft driven by hydraulic motor with high torque. System configuration, the power system to provide a whole set of drilling rig power equipment; Rotary drilling rig manufacturer work system, work according to the requirement of the process equipment; Transmission system for the working unit of transmission, transmission, distribution, energy equipment; Control system, control system, equipment, coordinate and accurate work according to the requirement of the process; Auxiliary system, assist the main system of equipment.

According to different fluid circulation mode, gas lift, at the same time using the mud pump sending mud (or water) to drill pipe flushing hole bottom. Rotary drilling rig, from the orifice flow sedimentation tank, work power plant into the bottom of the hole direct drive drill rotary cutting, until it reaches the hole depth; Prospecting rotary drill with the drill slag discharge, water conservancy, clay, carrying debris flushing fluid along the drill pipe and a rise in the annular space between the hole wall, appropriate USES gas lift reverse circulation; Gas lift is reverse circulation use into the compressed air to make the water cycle: rotary drill is driven by the power drill rotating device rotation and weathering shale formation drilling, rotary drilling rig generally refers to the host power in ordinary drill ground, increases with the depth increasing efficiency and power. From from the bottom of the hole hole on back again to the ground; Shanghai rotary drill rinses coincided with positive cycle route instead. Bit at the bottom of the soil while rotating stirring become drill slag, mud suspension, with the increase overflow, mud after a heavy precipitation slurry pool purification, mud recycling use. The hole wall by water and mud protection. Under the effect of vacuum pump suction, the slag mixture into the bit into the mouth.