Trailer Rig Maintenance

- Oct 16, 2019-

Trailer rig remove principle is generally after the first, first after the demolition. Rig accessories remind is disassembled should pay attention to the following: open the gas, liquid and water piping excuse for seals shall be, keep the drill pipe and the outlet clean, avoid clutter. Drill is disassembled fasteners should be separate packing and label marked or load special packing box. Used for the connection screw, nut should be separate packing, avoid high strength screw, nut and other screw, nut, confusion. Air system software should avoid to be stained with oil, the pipeline external thread used clean plastic cloth bandage, avoid thread and keep the tube clean bruised. Large trailer rig disassembly and assembly, fall off, are forbidden to touch, in order to avoid damage to the parts. If you need more long-distance transportation or stored for a long time, should make processing of rain, moisture, rust, and produce packaging packaging, fill in the packing list. All equipment within the liquid (oil and water) shall be drained.

The weight of the trailer rig by using the tool itself shock formation. Of the lower end of the drilling tool is a few can zhang pointed horn disc, when drilling tool under the action of its weight downward movement, grasp valve open, cut into the rock, and then passed by hoist rope hoisting tool, grasp the disc in closing process debris into the cone and wellhead cuttings discharged is put forward. Drilling depth is usually 40 ~ 50 meters, 100 ~ 150 meters. Wire rope impact drill. By the mast and on the top of the lifting pulley, wire rope, impact mechanism, drilling tools, motor, etc. Trailer rig manufacturers work, motor through the gear drive impact mechanism, drive the wire rope to make tool for reciprocating movement up and down, during the downward movement depends on the weight of the drill itself cuts and broken rock, upward movement by wire rope traction. Bit stroke was 0.5 ~ 1 meter, impact frequency of 30 ~ 60 times/min. Cuttings by pumping sand barrel out of the ground, drilling and cuttings removal simultaneously.

Trailer rig maintenance content: will drill exterior rub-up, pay attention to the base slide, vertical shaft and guide bar surface cleaning, keep good lubrication; Check all exposed whether the locking bolt, nut, insurance and other solid and reliable; According to the requirements for lubrication; Check the transmission, transfer case oil level; Check the hydraulic oil tank; Check the oil, gas leakage, and to eliminate; Eliminate other fault occurring within the class. Drill weekly maintenance content: class thoroughly maintenance content; Add grease vertical axle box; Eliminate hydraulic chuck and chuck grease or dust; According to the needs of weekly maintenance lubrication; Cleaning the brake inside surface. Large trailer rig monthly maintenance content: week thoroughly maintenance content; Breaking-out chuck, cleaning slip, slip, disc spring, etc., and give a thrust bearing oil change; Filling the beams bearing lithium grease; Clean filter tank, replace bad hydraulic oil; Check the lubricating oil in the transmission, transfer case, gyrator, if metamorphism should be replaced in a timely manner; Check the technical condition of each parts if any damage to change in time, may not work in spite of illness.