Use Positive Cycle Rig Need To Pay Attention To

- Oct 21, 2019-

Drill has the difference between positive and negative circulation, in use are circulating drilling rig, there are some problems needs attention, small make up for the six problems about together with everybody. Use positive cycle of rig note: host and winding to regularly check the oil level, if the lack of oil should be added in a timely manner. Guangzhou drill work, should be ready to monitor electrical instrumentation, have abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, not to work, in spite of all the fasteners check to prevent loosening. Drilling speed should vary according to stratum situation, control host electric hydraulic drilling slowly in rated range. Hydraulic lever to slow, quick operation, if the oil drill too fast will damage the components and operation risk. Operators should always check whether oil leak, be careful not to hang, tubing pressure, so as not to damage the influence the work. If is circulation drill for a long time stop, should will withdraw the or oil cylinder a cloth.

Binzhou drill need to correct use and maintenance of hydraulic system is to guarantee the normal operation of hydraulic drilling rig, prolong the service life of the important factors. To prevent the hydraulic oil pollution. The hydraulic oil pollution is refers to the atmosphere, water, dust and external oxidation to produce a mixture of insoluble sediments. Oil pollution will increase of the moving parts in the hydraulic components, wear and tear, block, block or slide valve throttle motion pair oil chemical stability, accelerating oxide in the oil generation and decomposition of organic impurities. According to statistics, more than 75% of the hydraulic system failure is caused by the oil pollution, so the tank must be properly sealed and banned. Use no oil seals and hoses, regular cleaning and oil change, prevent oil pollution and aging. To prevent the air into the system. Air into the hydraulic system (including produced by decomposition of organic impurities in water vapor and oil gas), usually in the form of bubbles suspended in a liquid. Drill factory and the existence of air in the system is one of the main causes of vibration and noise. In order to prevent the air into the system, first of all, add enough hydraulic oil in the tank. General requirements oil level in oil more than two-thirds of the window, to ensure that the suction pipe and return tube insertion under the oil level at the same time.

Buy wire can meet the needs of the construction of binzhou drill, we at the time of purchase should be nearby the usability of test wire, due to the fact that the eddy current effect into a coil of wire will greatly reduce the current conductivity, so if the construction is more than 1000 meters, so must use 5 test wire coil wire (100 m per roll) in series, if there are signs that, prove that wire is available, if there is no normal display, please buy a new wire as soon as possible to avoid the unnecessary loss. In addition for line protection requirement is high, the first is the waterproof wire connection, please use the heat shrinkable tube, with hot melt adhesive to prevent mud into the sonde internal burned the rod; In every 200 meters long construction recommend increase line card, because the construction of long-distance oil drill pipe in the hole, the wire will be kept in the drill pipe rotation, it is easy to appear to take off the card, and wire break accident.