Washing Procedures For Well Drilling Rigs

- Jun 06, 2019-

       Well washing operation is an important step in the production process of well drilling rig, well washing operation for the well drilling rig production process is very important, not only can improve the production efficiency of well drilling rig, but also can improve the drilling quality of well drilling rig. The importance of well washing operation requires the builder stoushei to know carefully, but many construction workers do not know how to wash the well. Well washing operations need to be injected with washing fluid, then how is the well washing fluid into the drilling underground?

       The mystery lies in the drilling column of the well drilling rig, the drill column is the hollow pipe column, so the design method, can be very good to let the well washing fluid through the inside of the drill column into the well, in the eyes of the drill bit water into the well, so repeated use can achieve a good well washing effect, when the well liquid volatile as gas, the well washing operation is probably completed. And in the well drilling rig, drilling operation and well washing operation is need to be carried out at the same time, drill bit constantly broken the bottom rock, well washing liquid is through a steady stream of injection for well washing operations, so in order to maintain the continuous flow of well washing fluid, the need to use the pump continuous irrigation injection, so as to meet the needs of well drilling rig washing.