Water Well Drilling Rig Track Is Introduced

- Nov 08, 2019-

Water well drilling rig crawler consists of segments and track pin, etc. Shandong rig caterpillar pin up track link connect all the segments. With a hole at both ends of the segments, and active gear, central has induced tooth, crawler for adjustment. Water well drilling rig crawler is introduced: the water well drilling rig crawler consists of segments and track pin, etc. Caterpillar pin up track link connect all the segments. Segments at both ends of the hole, and active gear, central has induced tooth, crawler for adjustment, and oil rig can prevent falls off to drive treads, strengthen antiskid reinforcement in contact with the ground side) (hereinafter referred to as decorative pattern, in order to improve the robustness of the segments and the crawler and the ground adhesion. Water well drilling rig sites and sprocket, roller, driving wheel and track link, etc.

Multi-function rig will inevitably be in use all sorts of problems, shandong rig small make up for everyone to explain the common solution of the problem: a, broken pipe: 1 most of the time belongs to the drill pipe, oil rig drill pipe fracture and pore wall friction, make the pipe wall thickness thinning, strength too weakened, and make the drill pipe rupture. 2, prevention, treatment, and joint pipe should pay attention to check, when to stop using the friction losses of excessive drill pipe. Second, is not ring: 1, the common has the following four conditions: (1) the valve broken; (2) the drill bit tail broken broken hammer ballastless stuck into the cylinder body; (3) vent was rock powder block; (4) the chisel, down hole water exhaust resistance is big, more is not easy to start. 2, the processing methods: found itself is not ring, according to the above four reasons to check first; Check method is to elevate impactor, reduce exhaust resistance, part of the water jet, then slowly into the bottom of the hole, if the law problems, is likely to belong to the former three reasons, need is unloaded to clean or replace another piece.

Binzuan rig working system and the matters needing attention: drill equipment simple manipulation, using performance is strong, easy maintenance, less investment, is a good helper for farmers to get rich. Relatively large drill work system, the working conditions and working characteristics of unit to each are not identical, therefore, we according to the work of the unit characteristics of drilling rig, the working system of drilling rig is divided into three parts, namely the rotation system, improve the system and circulatory system. In addition, also have a separate clause for rig substructure system. In this way, a complete set of oil rig is composed of the following eight system equipment. Rotation system equipment and tools. Circulatory system equipment and tools. Improve the system equipment and tools. Power drive system equipment. Transmission system equipment. Display instrument control system and detection. Rig substructure. Auxiliary equipment.