What Is A Rig?

- Jun 04, 2019-

Drilling rig, is a complex set of machines, it is composed of machines, units and institutions. Drilling rig is in the exploration or mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid ore, gas ore, etc.) development, driving drilling rig stoic drilling to the ground, to obtain physical geological data of mechanical equipment. Also known as a driller. The main function is to drive the drill to break the hole bottom rock, down or put in the hole inside the drill.

It can be used to drill the core, mine heart, rock debris, gaseous sample, liquid sample, etc. to explore the underground geology and mineral resources.

There are usually seven types of drilling equipment:

1. Conventional land drilling rigs

2. Desert Drilling Rigs

4. Continuous tube operating machine

5. Slope drilling rig 

6. Offshore drilling platforms

7. Drilling vessel