What Methods Do Wells Work In Large-scale Well-drilling Projects?

- May 22, 2019-

Large-scale drilling project can not be separated from the use of drilling equipment, its good performance greatly improve the speed and efficiency of drilling, especially in remote areas of the use of drilling machine more extensive crowd, but for the way of this equipment works a lot of friends do not know very well, the following for you to do a detailed description.

So how does the drill work?

The way the drill works is pump-suction recirculation. It works by the role of atmospheric pressure, the circulating fluid from the sedimentation pool through the back ditch along the well hole ring gap flow to the bottom of the well, because at this time the turntable drive drill pipe, drive the drill bit rotation drilling, by the mud pump suction to build the debris mud into the drill pipe cavity, and then rise to the tap, through the mud pump drain into the sediment pool,

The precipitated circulatory fluid continues to flow into the wellbore, so that it is so repeated that a counter-cycle drilling work is formed. Mud or water enters from the drill pipe and flows out of the wellhead. For a positive cycle drilling machine. Mud or water is sucked out of the drill pipe and flows in from the wellhead. For anti-cycle drilling machines. Positive and negative cycle refers to the drilling fluid (mud or water) in the drilling machine in the circulation way said, drilling machine drill bit in the drilling time will produce slag, slag, etc. , through the positive and negative cycle can be carried by the mud these slags to the ground, and then after precipitation after the sedimentation of the mud back to the drilling. This non-stop cycle, and finally into a hole. The reverse cycle can lead out slag with a large diameter.