What's In The Water Well Rig Needs To Be Checked At All Times?

- Jun 04, 2019-

   Well drilling rig should be inspected at any time, first of all, the survey, drilling rig on the wire rope end of the solidification situation to check.

    The contents of the wire rope inspection are: the number of safety laps of wire rope, the selection, installation, lubrication of wire rope, the defect inspection of wire rope, such as the diameter and wear of wire rope, the number of wire rope broken wire, etc. At any time to the coal mine pit drilling rig sheave system inspection, the main items are: sheave body condition, transition sheave anti-jump rope device.

    At any time to shanghai well drilling rig walking system inspection, the main inspection items are: pile machine walking pipe, card board and hook tube system, pillow laying and so on. Do a good job of drilling rig maintenance records, replacement parts should have detailed records to ensure that spare parts in the validity period of use, or at any time to grasp the next replacement time.