Zaozhuang Water District Merchants Examining Our Rig

- Apr 21, 2020-

On December 3, 2019, bureau of zaozhuang merchants, to visit our factory FGS400 drill

Zhang Shuming sales general manager and sales manager Wang Jingxuan warm reception and FGS400 drill is introduced through the good communication with customers construction site geological structure and the performance characteristics of our products, customers showed interests to our products and our factory drill said full approval.

FGS400 rig itself up, convenient for construction, long-distance mobile drilling machine is suitable for high-rise buildings, Bridges, geological mine, port, dam foundation, water well construction, complex ground source heat pump drilling construction.

Our factory car rig can either drilling with mud circulation and form a complete set of air compressor DTH hammer, satisfying the requirements of customers of different geological drilling. With independent diesel engine installation, both can meet the requirements of drilling and can reduce fuel consumption, drilling operation and economic benefits. Drill well received by customers.